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dermaglove Announces Skin Vitality

dermaglove Announces Skin Vitality

Over an 18-month period, geneticist Christopher Mason and his team collected DNA from handrails, kiosks, seats, and the turnstiles of a subway to reveal a lush, invisible ecosystem containing more than 15,000 different kinds of microbial life. Disgusting, right?

 Not necessarily!

Thankfully, the study also showed that the vast majority of bacteria found in the subway were harmless or even beneficial to humans.These “good” bacteria might come from food, removed toxins from the environment, or outcompete disease-causing pathogens lurking on surfaces. “That means more [bacterial] diversity, by the odds, is a good thing,” according to Mason and iBio.

Regardless, most humans admit to falling prey to dubious germaphobic behaviors, especially during cold and flu season. In fact, in a poll conducted by iBio, some admitted that they would like to start wearing a surgical mask to work! Others admitted to things like:

Hovering over the toilet, hoping their aim is on point

Flushing public toilets with their feet

Using tissues to open doors in public places

Slathering on far too much antibacterial gel, resulting in dry, hands

Holding breath when someone near them sneezes

Spraying Lysol on everything and anything exposed

Avoiding children altogether in fear of germs

Not shaking hands and resorting to being rude or offering the awkward fist bump

Staying home when they know flu season is in full swing, even though isolation is never fun but effective.

Unfortunately, there is no proof that any of this works!

 The best approach is to live your life is to avoid touching your eyes, mouth or any other mucosal surface after exposure. Wash your hands with soap and water, and keep your body healthy and enriched with products like dermaglove. These products were developed to teach and train your body to protect itself as a daily healthy hygiene practice. This should not be a habit brought on by fear and paranoia; because dermaglove is in a class of its own. At iBio, we like to say that we are responsible for creating a much for the more aware and environmentally conscious consumer by bringing a cosmetic solution to personal hygiene with advanced aesthetics and personal care considerations.

 Keep this in mind, excessive removal of bacteria, either with soap or hand sanitizer, may hinder your body’s natural ability to fight off infection. “Remember, your skin has its own bacteria, and they don’t really want to share the niche with the invading bacteria,” says Blaser. “Scrubbing and stripping away too much of these bacterial defenses, will actually make you more vulnerable to disease,” says, Levison. Studies prove that “dermaglove products provide an invisible glove directly onto the skin’s surface that stimulates your body to produce its own natural oils and lipids. This barrier acts as a layer of protection creating a defense system that protects your skin for hours after application”.

We don’t get many diseases from surfaces. It takes more than the presence of bacteria or viruses to cause disease.

The bottom line is that you shouldn't live in fear of high-traffic surfaces. According to Blaser, this type of contact simply isn't the way people get sick. “We don’t get many diseases from surfaces,” he says. That's because it takes more than the presence of bacteria or viruses to cause disease. “Many people think that the presence of an organism is tantamount to risk of disease, but it’s not,” says Blaser. “Presence has to be there, but the risk of disease can be infinitesimally remote—so remote, in fact, that it approaches zero.”

The risk is greater during cold and flu season; however, that's when it pays to practice extra vigilance. HAND SCIENCE and BODY MIST by dermaglove are especially effective when there are a lot of people coughing and sneezing, and there is a high concentration of germs in the air. In times when most people are healthy, Blaser says, it's not clear that it offers many benefits.

There are 6 simple things you can do to help prevent illness:

1. Wash your hands before you handle food and after you use the bathroom.

2. Avoid people who are sick.

3. Don’t smoke, this lowers your immunity.

4. Don’t bite your nails or touch your face. It is the main entry point for germs.

5. Maintain healthy habits: eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep and follow a daily hygiene protocol that encourages your body to be strong, safe and healthy in all settings, as these habits are undoubtedly the best ways to support your immune system and maintain Skin Vitality.

6. Use HAND SCIENCE and BODY MIST by dermaglove.

For more information visit dermaglove.com


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