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SURFACE SPRAY - Kills Germs on Anything


dermaglove  Collection

  • Hyper Allergenic
  • No Dyes of Harmful Chemicals
  • Holds Moisture on Skin for 8 Hours
  • Improves Skin Health within 15 Seconds
  • Safe for All Skin Types
  • Essential Oils and Vitamins
  • Made in the USA


SURFACE SPRAYis an immediate means to eliminate surface germs while protecting your body against toxins. Toxins are typically found in disinfectant sprays, and are not intended to come into direct contact with the skin. SKIN VITALITYhas developed a safe way to effectively sanitize any surface by killing 99.99% of the germs that lead to cross-contamination. This skin-safe formulation leaves a light-weight and long-lasting barrier (called invi- 0-bond®) directly onto the skin’s surface. This invisible barrier delivers a prolonged layer of protection between the skin and unsafe surfaces. SURFACE SPRAYis infused with vitamins and essential oils, and does not require wiping. From airplanes seats to public toilets, SURFACE SPRAYcan immediately relieve any uncertainty about public cleanliness while eliminating germs on contact.


  • Repels germs, fluids, grime, grease, bugs and other airborne and environmental hazards.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs on contact, including and not limited to bad bacteria that forms on surface.

Directions: Apply spray directly onto hard or soft surfaces before skin contact, no wipe necessary. Sprayed surface will fee dry to touch.


Water (aqua), glycereth-18 (and) glycereth-18 ethylhexanoate, Syzygium aromaticum (Clove) oil, Rosemarinus officinalis (Rosemary) oil, d-limonene, Vitamin A (Retinyl palmitate), Vitamin C (Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate), Vitamin E (d-I alpha tocopherol acetate) 

    FDA National Drug Codes

    25ML 70741-004-01
    40ML 70741-004-02
    75ML 70741-004-03
    16oz 70741-004-05
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