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Lisa Turner Levison, an Atlanta native and cross-contamination prevention pioneer, is the founder and CEO of Derma-Glove, LLC.  Lisa and her business partner, Peter Steyn have joined forces to jettison themselves into the outer realm of skin-care preservation, creating an entire line of hand and body hygiene products within a new and novel skin health category known as Skin Vitality.  This category was created for the more aware and environmentally conscious consumer, linking a cosmetic solution to personal hygiene with advanced aesthetics and personal care considerations.

Lisa is an entrepreneur with an almost superhuman passion for educating and reminding the masses about the importance of healthy skin care techniques. With over 25 years of experience in cross-contamination prevention, Lisa is equipped to take ideas and deliver optimum solutions. This has also afforded her the opportunity to build several successful businesses. Peter Steyn, comes to Derma-Glove with over thirty years of research and development experience in the health care industry. He's worked with leaders in personal care such as Chattem, manufacturer of Gold Bond and Kimberly-Clark. His expertise has helped to deliver distinctive skin-care remediation products under the dermaglove brand.  

Lisa’s and Pete’s unconventional approach to creative thinking was also the driving force behind a state of the art bio-hygiene-technology known as invis- 0-bond®. This technology has been infused into the entire dermaglove product line and is the key ingredient that improves the skin’s moisture content by an average of 75%. It also aids in repelling and protecting against germs, grime, fluids and other unknown contaminants found in our daily environment.

dermaglove products teach and train your body to protect itself as a daily healthy hygiene practice. Lisa’s vision and hands on experience combined with Pete’s ability to bring that vision to life has made a big difference for those working in the health care industry where protocols for hand sanitization have been an issue for years.

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