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invis- 0-bond® Formulation


Infused in invis- 0-bond® is Mother Nature's endorsed ingredients to stregthen and replenish the acid mantle while providing a back-to-back, instant killing effect on germs. By infusing our proprietary invis- 0-bond® technology into our mega-hygienic formulation, our products draw and retain moisture from the environment. This process directly provides the skin’s surface and acid mantle with maximum moisturizing results through a protective skin bonding technology. As moisture escapes from the skin, the same bond continues to provide a barrier that effectively slows down the body’s release of moisture while increasing hydration levels and actively repelling against unknown contaminants.



Formulation Facts

  • Meets FDA Compliance Guidelines
  • Hypoallergenic / Non-Allergenic
  • Does not contain Triclosan
  • No unnecessary additives
  • Meets CDC recommendations for highest hand antisepsis
  • Immediately protects skin from the harsh drying effects of frequent washings and alcohol based products
  • Prevents cross-contamination between washings
  • Dermatologist tested for safety and irritation
  • Efficacy improves over time
  • Contains premium grade moisturizers and emollients
  • 100% all-natural additive and skin-fortifiers


invis- 0-bond® attacks bacteria in 3 variations using a proprietary technology on three fronts:

  1. Outside to Inside: The outer walls of the bacteria are disrupted causing the bacteria to eventually collapse through the damaged outer membrane, thereby releasing cytoplasmic contents and rendering the bacteria non-functional. 
  2. Inside to Outside: At the same time, other  dermaglove® agents enter the bacteria interfering with metabolic functions such as reproduction. 
  3. Final Encompassing Wave: of cleansing agents purge the bacteria from the skin and disrupt any opportunity for regrow or reproduction while leaving a protective and moisturizing barrier that strengthens and fortifies the skin.


Comparative Moisturization Study


What Makes dermaglove® unique?

Acid Mantle Table

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