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Sanitizers & the Healthcare Industry

Glove compatibility following the application of a skin sanitizer or lotion has long been identified by the CDC as an issue for Healthcare workers. For instance, mineral oil and numerous low molecular weight esters commonly found in lotions can adversely affect latex gloves, compromising their integrity and barrier properties. Alcohol based hand sanitizers deplete the skin of its natural oils causing the epidermis to roughen and crack over time. This results in difficulty when donning gloves of any sort. They snag on the skin when applied which increases the chance for further irritation and promotes a downward cycle of skin health.

The unique ingredients in derma glove stop this cycle and actually promote skin health even with the repeat use of an alcohol based sanitizer. Polymeric glycerin derivatives combined with lubricious waxes and silicones provide a substantive barrier against the drying effects of alcohol without compromising its necessary function as a sanitizer. The typical healthcare worker who has a protocol to follow regarding hand hygiene will be far more likely to comply when dermaglove is included because of the healing nature of the  derma glove family of products.  

CDC Supporting Links:

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