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Meet Lisa Levison | CEO of Turner Capital Inc dba Derma-Glove

Lisa Levison CEO of Turner Capital Inc dba Derma-Glove

From the beginning, Levison devoted herself to an issue that has been plaguing HCW’s worldwide for a very long time. After months of research as a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant and Industrial Hygienist, she determined that Healthcare Community and Hygiene Industry were truly lacking compassion as it relates to skin care awareness and innovation, especially when it comes to the recurring hand health and skin care issues surrounding hand hygiene protocols and practices.

In 2009, Levison began researching sanitizers and the long-term effects of extended usage and unhealthy skin conditions related to occupational risks. During that same year, she attended and spoke at the Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference, "Mastering Powerful and Practical Infection Prevention Strategies," hosted by the Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission is an independent not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies nearly 21,000 health organizations nationwide. The mission of the Joint Commission is to improve health care for the public by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.

After speaking directly to the Joint Commission on the subject of hand health issues surrounding protocols and practices, Levison became dedicated to finding a solution. Lisa quickly grasped the issues related to alcohol applications with frequent hand washing and realized there was a true disconnect and an overall lack of skin health benefits that sanitizers and soaps offered to the HCW. As a result, she felt she needed to work directly with Occupational Health Divisions inside the medical and military communities. She began collecting documentation that led to the knowledge that regardless of the moisturizing additives infused into sanitizers and soaps, the data rarely changed. The data collected was based on current hand sanitizers using 62% or up to 85% ethanol in commercial products and the claimed test results for moisturization. In the end, Levison’s findings showed the average increase in skin hydration as measured by a Corneometer ® or a similar device yielded an increase of only 10% - 20% after 14 - 21 days of usage. Even this simple data was hard to come by as most manufacturers were not addressing the issue of compromised skin and the resulting protocol failure.

When derma glove was developed, Levison and her research teams understood that hydration and skin recovery timelines were a major concern in the medical community. It was clear from the initial research that most HCW’s cannot wait 14 -days to achieve hand health relief after the repetitious use of sanitizers and constant hand washing. This was not acceptable to Levison and she was determined to develop a solution that delivered better results. derma glove products provide immediate relief within 15-mins at 74.9% moisturization for up to 8-hours! All derma glove products are designed and formulated for the entire body. Every product within the derma glove brand effectively delivers the necessary skin remediation results that only premium skin care lotions can typically promise and deliver.

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