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Good hygiene practices and hand sanitizing are important for good health and safety but skin balance is missing from this well-practiced agenda. Industry leaders face the fact that current practices are not the best solution for public health issues versus personal protection.
Mother Nature endorses invis- 0 -bond® because it is an advanced and proven skin remediation technology that uses a simple fact; the body must be healthy enough to effectively defend itself before it can win the fight against germ warfare. The body needs to achieve a balance between personal hygiene and supporting the body's first level of defense. Mother Nature knew this, thousands of years ago when she provided the largest organ on the human body, the skin, with this unique defensive ability. She knew that humans would require a durable and environmentally accommodating skin barrier. This first level and layer of natural skin protection is called the Acid Mantle.
Mother Nature knew the body must have its own healthy and functioning defensive barrier before it could effectively fight unknown and unforeseen environmental dangers in an ever changing world.
Sanitizers with soaps and water remove or kill germs on contact and provide a safety net but then they evaporate and leave the skin depleted and exposed. A healthy strong Acid Mantle will last a lifetime if nurtured. This provides the body with a natural way to continuously fight against dangers that come into direct contact with the skin thousands of times a day.
The healthier the barrier the healthier the entire body remains, therefore, it is imperative that we stimulate and nourish the body's acid mantle with each and every sanitizing and hygiene process.
Without invis- 0 -bond® the acid mantle becomes depleted, quickly wears down and becomes degraded, resulting in the body's inability to maintain the first line of defense naturally and efficiently, as Mother Nature intended for the lifespan of everyone.
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