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BARKEEPER'S KIT  provides any food service provider, home bartender, and/or the host of an event with the necessary tools to ensure that the hands are protected, the glasses are clean and clear, and most importantly, the bar area and bar tools are safe, clean, and healthy for guests. These tools eliminate all exposure risks from being present and damaging at a fun and festive event, when a smudge free and pristine glass says it all!

BARKEEPER'S KIT includes:  HAND SCIENCE- Skin Improving Sanitizer- is the first two-in-one sanitizing and pH balancing hand lotion on the market today. This formula was developed to improve skin health while protecting against germs, toxins, and other environmental exposures.  SHINE & SERVE- Cleaning Aid for Glasses & Utensils. This unique and all-natural product can be used to spot clean and remove smudges, lipstick marks, dull finishes and more. Simply spray-on and wipe utensils for a bright clean finish, spray and wipe wine glasses for a crystal-clear finish, leaving no lipstick or finger prints to worry about, and last but not least, spray-on and give your place setting a sparkle and clean surface glow that is sure to impress guests at your next dinner party.  HAND-2-PREP- De-Con Hands to Tools to Surfaces- Introducing a new approach for simplifying kitchen prep work while making the chef happy; using one solution that keeps hands clean, surfaces safe, and prep tools decontaminated and maintained; finally, your kitchen can have an all-in-one kitchen cleaning non-toxic and enviro-safe product for everything from hands to prep. 

iBio introduces invis- 0-bond ® BARKEEPER'S KIT , a complete collection  of sanitizing and hygienic solutions to improve the overall health,  appearance and well-being of the bartenders hands, tools, and  glassware. These products keep the hands, tools and glassware safe,  healthy, and clean for hours, while combating harmful environmental  exposures. All derma glove products are powered by  invis- 0-bond ®, a  revolutionary technology that produces an invisible, glove-like  barrier to aid in replenishing the body’s own acid mantle while also  enhancing the exterior finish to glass, metal and hard surfaces.  invis- 0-bond ® remains on the skin, glass, and other exposed surfaces  to act as a higher functioning defense mechanism. invis- 0-bond ® provides an invisible shield used to defend against harmful  exposures while leaving surfaces with a like-new, shiny and clean  finish. derma glove delivers long-lasting renewal treatment at the  highest level with “Mother Nature Approved” remedies.

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