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BUG OFF KIT is an advanced triple-threat approach for fighting against insect exposure and environmental risks. BODY MIST- Shower in a Bottle- eliminates skin odor on a hygienic level by killing skin surface bacteria and reducing the skins body temp, reducing insect attraction. BUG REPELLENT- Exposures-Be-Gone, Naturally!- is a safe leave-on-skin repellent for the entire body including clothing; designed for the hair, ears, face, neck, under, groin area, feet, socks/shoes. SKIN SUPPLEMENT- Vitamins from the Outside In- is the final step, delivering the body with an additional safe skin shield that remediates on contact and reverses the effects of all outdoor exposures and chemicals.

iBio introduces invis- 0-bond ® BUG OFF KIT, a complete collection of repelling, sanitizing and hygienic solutions to improve the overall health and well-being of the skin and body during unforeseen exposure. These products keep the body safe, healthy, and clean for up to 8 hours, while combating harmful environmental and insect related exposures. All   dermaglove products are powered by  invis- 0-bond ®, a revolutionary technology that produces an invisible, glove-like barrier to aid in replenishing the body’s own acid mantle.  invis- 0-bond ® remains on the skins surface as a higher functioning skin defense mechanism to support the body’s unique ability to defend against harmful exposures.   dermaglove’s long-lasting bug repelling agents pooled with advanced skin care remedies protect the body from harmful environmental exposures at the highest level with "Mother Nature Approved" remedies.



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