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COMBAT KIT is a daily hygiene replacement protocol for anyone that is going into unknown territory for an extended length of time. This kit is designed for the warrior that wants to be protected from head-to-toe. These products do not have unwanted secondary issues of having chemicals on the skin over an extended period of time. This kit will not only keep the user safe, clean and healthy; but will also improve the overall body health and skin conditions that are required when ongoing hygiene protocols might be questionable.

COMBAT KIT includes:  HAND RECOVERY- Sanitizer without Irritation- is a FDA medical grade and registered, 70% ETOH sanitizing lotion, specifically developed for the medical community to reverse damage caused by and related to frequent hand washings and sanitizing practices.  BODY MIST-Shower in a Bottle- delivers hydrophobic qualities directly onto the skin. It also utilizes invis- 0-bond technology to create a long-lasting protective layer onto the skin's surface. BUG REPELLENT-Exposures-Be-Gone, Naturally! -is a safe leave-on-skin repellent for the entire body including clothing; designed for the hair, ears, face, neck, under, groin area, feet, socks/shoes. 

iBio introduces invis- 0-bond ® COMBAT KIT , a complete collection of  sanitizing and hygienic solutions to improve the overall health and  well-being of the skin and body for soldiers in combative  situations. These products keep the body safe, healthy, and clean  for up to 8 hours, while combating harmful environmental  exposures. All derma glove products are powered by invis- 0-bond ® a revolutionary technology that produces an invisible, glove-like  barrier to aid in replenishing the body’s own acid mantle.  invis- 0-bond ® remains on the skins surface as a higher functioning  skin defense mechanism to support the body’s unique ability to  defend against harmful exposures. derma glove safely delivers  long-lasting skin and hygiene treatment at the highest level with  “Mother Nature Approved” remedies.

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