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FAMILY SAFETY KIT provides the entire family with a safe and effective hygiene method to stay germ free and safe inside and outside of the home. Great for flu season – to ensure the house, car and family activities have the extra protection required to stay safe and germ free.

FAMILY SAFETY KIT includes:  BODY LOTION- Head-To-Toe-Protection-  he first true full body sanitizing lotion on the market. Why focus solely on the hand when the entire body comes into contact with harmful bacteria’s daily. By creating a prolonged layer of protection on the exterior layers of the skin, the   invis-  0-bond®     technology helps to revitalize overly dry and exposed areas of the body.  BODY MIST- Shower in a Bottle- delivers hydrophobic qualities directly onto the skin. It also utilizes invis-0-bond® technology to create a long-lasting protective layer onto the skin’s surface. This layer is critical in repelling and protecting against contaminates and outside exposures, while actively nurturing from the inside.  SURFACE SPRAY-Kills Germs On Anything- is an immediate means to eliminate surface germs while protecting your body against toxins. Toxins are typically found in disinfectant sprays, and are not intended to come into direct contact with the skin.

A proven system that delivers advanced skin and health benefits to all ages while killing 99.99% of household germs and unforeseen contaminates.

iBio introduces invis- 0-bond ®  FAMILY SAFETY KIT, a complete collection of sanitizing and hygienic solutions to improve the overall  health and well-being of the skin and body for the entire family. These products keep the body safe, healthy, and clean for up to 8 hours, while combating harmful environmental exposures. All  dermaglove products are powered by invis- 0-bond ®, a revolutionary technology that produces an invisible, glove-like barrier to aid in  replenishing the body’s own acid mantle. invis- 0-bond ® remains on the skin’s surface as a higher functioning skin defense mechanism to support the body’s unique ability to defend against harmful  dermaglove safely delivers long-lasting skin and  hygiene treatment at the highest level with “Mother Nature Approved” remedies.


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