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SOLE HEELING KIT  was designed to offer trusted foot hygiene, sole therapy and shoe restoration into one all-inclusive skin protection system; delivering both a shoe hygiene solution with an advanced skincare improvement remedy. This system not only benefits the life of the shoe but the health of the skin and sole inside the shoe.

SOLE HEELING KIT includes:  SKIN SUPPLEMENT- Vitamins from the Outside-In!-deeply nourishes the entire body from the outside-in, leaving a fresh, youthful glow and vigor on the skin’s surface.  SHOE RENEW- Odor and Fungus Eliminator- is a safe and natural odor repellent that kills bacteria and fungus on contact. This easy to use spray, no wipe mist should be used before and after wearing shoes.  SOLE SAVER- Advanced Foot Therapy- is a must for anyone that wants to extend the life of their shoes while improving foot health. Developed to deeply clean and condition skin, this product is a must if you want to improve the health of your feet. Perfect for removing odors, eliminating bacteria, and fighting fungus

iBio introduces invis- 0-bond ®  SOLE HEELING KIT, is a complete collection of sanitizing, hygienic and therapeutic solutions to improve the overall health and well-being of feet, heels and toes. These products keep the foot’s sole and shoes safe, healthy, and clean for up to 8 hours, while combating harmful environmental exposures. All dermaglove products are powered by invis- 0-bond ®, a revolutionary technology that produces an invisible, glove-like barrier to aid in replenishing the body’s own acid mantle. invis- 0-bond ® adheres to the skins surface and to the interior of the shoe, creating a higher functioning skin defense mechanism, stimulating the chemistry required to support the skin’s unique ability to defend against harmful exposures. dermaglove safely delivers long-lasting skin and hygiene treatment at the highest level with "Mother Nature Approved" remedies.

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